Cancer is the second cause of death in most developed countries. Despite progress in treatment, major challenges remain in the fight against cancer.

Prous Institute is developing two series of multi-targeted antitumor compounds, including the following:

Target / Action Status
JRP 890 Multikinase / Inhibitor            
Preclinical, Patent application published
JRP 980 Wnt / Modulator Preclinical, Patent application published

These compounds have been proven to interact with multiple targets: Src, Akt3, CDK2, ERK2, COX-1 and 5-lipoxygenase. JRP980 is also a modulator of the Wnt1β-catenin pathway. This pathway is activated in most human cancers and represents an attractive therapeutic target. These new small molecular entities show in vitro antiproliferative activities in the following tumor cell lines: U-87 (brain), HCT-116 (colon), HepG2 (liver), OVCAR-3 (ovary), LNCaP-FGC (prostate), K562 (leukemia), B16-FO (melanoma) and MCF7 or T47D (breast). The antitumour activity of the two compounds has been studied in vivo using xenograft models. Both compounds are also potent analgesics.