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Prous Institute Exhibiting at Society of Toxicology’s 55th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, (13-17 March, 2016)

2016 Feb 16 |

Prous Institute will be exhibiting at the Society of Toxicology’s 55th Annual Meeting and Tox Expo,  13-17 March 2016, with booth number 1637.

At the exhibition, the latest version of our predictive analytics platform Symmetry’s Global Mechanism of Action (GMoA) will be presented.

In a single predictive model, Symmetry GMoA (v11.2) screens over 1,000 mechanisms of action (MoAs) – including 250 MoAs linked to adverse effects – to identify the probable molecular targets and mode of action (agonists, antagonists, allosteric modulators, etc.) of small molecules. Symmetry’s expertly curated training set, which consists of 1 million compounds, is uniquely derived from analysis of patents, journals and public databases.

Symmetry GMoA is used by discovery scientists as a hypothesis generation tool. GMoA findings support drug design, lead optimization and prioritization of candidates by identifying therapeutically relevant structural-activity attributes and helping discern and eliminate precursors of undesired off-target activity.

Symmetry is an ideal system for detecting off-target mechanistic liabilities early in drug discovery, by providing researchers with critical scientific decision support to reduce costs, time and safety-related attrition, and protect human health.

GMoA is also used to elucidate the underlying mechanisms behind phenotypic assay results, evaluate polypharmacological activity of compounds acting simultaneously on multiple disease-relevant targets, assess mechanisms of action of natural products responsible for their potential therapeutic activities and uncover the full mechanism range to anticipate potential therapeutic uses of chemical series before patent submission.

We will present a number of case studies highlighting Symmetry GMoA’s utility for target and functional activity profiling.

For further information or to schedule a meeting during the conference, please contact