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Prous Institute to present at the Chem-Bio Informatics Society (CBI) Repositioning Meeting (Tokyo, Japan May 28, 2015)

Prous Institute has been invited to speak at the Chem-Bio InformaticsSociety (CBI) Meeting on Drug Repositioning taking place at the Sanjo Kaikan Auditorium, Tokyo University on May 28, 2015.

Drug repositioning has emerged in recent years as common practice to nurture pharmaceutical companies’ pipelines. Exploring a known drug for further indications with a reasonable degree of confidence in its safety profile can help minimize the risks associated with drug development.

During the CBI session Josep Prous, Jr., Ph.D., Vice President Research and Development at Prous Institute will present “On- and off-target assessment in the development of drug repositioning strategies”, highlighting applications of the Symmetry platform and showing that the use of predictive technologies is essential in order to minimize the need for experimental validation and maintain the productivity benefits of drug repositioning.

Prous Institute has developed Symmetry, the world’s first integrated in silico solution for drug discovery and safety screening. The platform integrates models for a wide range of efficacy, toxicology and human adverse events endpoints. Symmetry’s Global Mechanism of Action model predicts on- and off-target activities of small molecules and is based on a large training set of over 1,000,000 compounds with 1.5 million Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR).

By predicting the pharmacological and toxicological profile of molecules, the approach aims to “de-risk” projects and speed up drug discovery and development, reducing time, costs and attrition rates, and is readily applicable to the development of drug repositioning strategies.

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About the CBI Society:

The CBI Society in Japan is 30 years old and includes its former structure “the CBI Association”, which focuses on chemical computing, informatics and computing for molecular biology and drug discovery. It has sponsored more than 350 meetings, seminars and workshops.

About Prous Institute for Biomedical Research:

Prous Institute for Biomedical Research is a research company comprised of two business units: drug discovery and in silico technologies. Prous Institute’s drug discovery and research unit is committed to discovering novel therapies through the application of its proprietary drug discovery platform, Symmetry. Prous Institute’s in silico technologies business unit fosters the development and commercialization of chemoinformatic and toxicity prediction technologies for regulatory and industry safety screening and drug discovery programs.

Prous Institute for Biomedical Research was founded as a spin-off from the leading scientific information provider, Prous Science (acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2007), in order to put into practice innovative in silico approaches to accelerate drug discovery.