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Prous Institute to Speak at the R&D Head Club Meeting (Tokyo, Japan February 6, 2015)

Prous Institute has been invited to speak at the R&D Head Club Meeting taking place in Tokyo, Feb. 6, 2015 at the Kitasato University School of Pharmacy Convention Hall. The meeting, organized by Professor Masahiro Takeuchi from Kitasato University’s, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, will bring together an audience of clinical research mangers from leading Japanese and multinational pharmaceutical organizations.

During the event, Josep Prous, Jr., Ph.D., Vice President Research and Development, will present “INCREASING DRUG R&D PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH ADVANCED PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS TECHNOLOGIES”, highlighting applications of the Symmetry platform.

Prous Institute has developed Symmetry, the world’s first integrated in silico solution for drug discovery and safety screening. The platform integrates models for a wide range of efficacy, toxicology and human adverse events endpoints. Symmetry’s Global Mechanism of Action model predicts on- and off-target activities of small molecules and is based on a large training set of over 900,000 compounds with 1.5 million Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR).

Dr Prous, Jr. Commented: “we are extremely pleased to participate in this prestigious conference and be able to share a key audience in clinical research, explaining how Prous Institute’s in-silico solutions can help to prioritize clinical candidates by identifying toxicity and safety issues early in the development cycle”.

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