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Prous Institute for Biomedical Research at BIO International Convention 2012 (Boston, MA, USA 18th – 22nd June)

2012 Jun 08 |
Category: News, Symmetry

Boston, MA, USA: Prous Institute will be participating in the Business Partnering Forum at the BIO International Convention and welcomes the opportunity to discuss potential partnerships with companies interested in our preclinical candidates and/or the application of our SYMMETRY® technology to new areas of research.  Our proprietary drug discovery platform, SYMMETRY®, enables the discovery of novel compounds and predicts with accuracy the pharmacological, ADME and safety profile of drug candidates. SYMMETRY® is built upon 50+ years of experience in creating and managing biomedical knowledge, proprietary in silico tools, and synthetic chemistry and pharmacology expertise.  It has been successfully applied to diverse targets across multiple therapeutic areas, and since 2010 we have built an active pipeline with extensive preclinical proof of efficacy.  For further information, please contact us at