Proof of Concept Initiative


Prous Institute is continuously improving its predictive pharmacology and toxicology models, synthesizing large collections of compounds and assessing the correlation between their predicted activity and their experimentally validated activity. These compounds, not usually covered by patents, are used at Prous Institute as a starting point for generating new drug candidates.Our Proof of Concept Initiative spans a broad range of diseases:

Our Proof of Concept Initiative spans a broad range of diseases and aims to provide evidence of SYMMETRY’s capabilities.


The initiative helps to develop new approaches to correlate chemical structures with gene expression signatures, which are related to different diseases, and to find new undisclosed targets for known drugs or discover completely new druggable targets.

Prous Institute welcomes the pharma / biotech industry and academic institutions to collaborate in this initiative, indicating the therapeutic areas and molecular targets and pathways of interest to them. Please contact us for more information about our Proof of Concept Initiative.