A series of case studies is presented highlighting the in silico tools and methods and experimental resources Prous Institute uses to make drug research and development more productive.

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Case Study 1

New Approaches to the Discovery of Targeted Therapies I: Discovery of SGLT2 Inhibitors

Discovery of SGLT2 Inhibitors to Control Hyperglycemia in Type 2 Diabetes. Illustrates how new targeted therapies for type 2 diabetes can be discovered using the Prous Institute SYMMETRY® drug discovery platform. The approach has been successfully applied across other diverse therapeutic targets and disease areas, including cancer, pain and neurodegeneration. The platform aims to speed up the process of drug discovery and development, reducing time cost and attrition rates.

Case Study 2

New Approaches to the Discovery of Targeted Therapies II: Discovery of Multitargeted Agents from Medicinal Plants

SYMMETRY® − an ensemble of computational tools and methods aiming to replicate all the processes through which new drugs are discovered, developed and approved – supports several strategies to discover new drugs. Here we describe modifying the chemical structures of natural products to improve their pharmacological efficacy and ADMET profiles as well as identifying new indications.


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