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Discovery Partnerships

Our Approach to Partnership Opportunities

Our proprietary drug discovery platform, Symmetry, enables the discovery of novel compounds and predicts with accuracy the pharmacological and safety profile of drug candidates.Symmetry is built upon 50+ years of experience in creating and managing biomedical knowledge, proprietary in silico tools, and synthetic chemistry and pharmacology expertise.

In addition to seeking partnerships for advancing our internal programs, we are committed to building drug discovery alliances applying our technology in new areas of research.

Prous Institute Pipeline Opportunities:

We have built an active pipeline with extensive preclinical proof of efficacy for a range of therapeutic areas and targets (see PIPELINE). We welcome the opportunity to discuss programs of potential interest to partners.

Discovery Solutions:

We serve the needs of our global partners by leveraging the Symmetry platform across multiple therapeutic areas and in a variety of applications including:

  • Design of Novel Compounds for a range of therapeutic areas and targets
  • Mechanism of Action Evaluation
  • ADME and Safety Profiling
  • Mapping of the Chemical Space for a given target  

 Contact us to learn more about the range of possibilities that Symmetry presents.